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Build An Image Editor in React js

This is a React application for editing images. The user can upload an image and apply various filters and transformations like brightness, saturation, inversion, grayscale, rotation, and flipping. The edited image can then be saved to the user's device.

The application has the following components:

-- A container component with a title and two child components: an editor panel and a preview panel

-- The editor panel has two child components: a filter component and a rotate component

-- The filter component has a set of filter options that the user can select from and a slider to adjust the filter values. The selected filter is applied to the preview image in real-time. The user can reset the filters to their default values.

-- The rotate component has options to rotate the image left or right, flip it horizontally or vertically, and reset it to its default orientation.

-- The preview panel displays the uploaded image and the edited image in real-time. The user can save the edited image to their device.

The state of the application is managed using the useState hook from React. The application uses refs to get references to the file input element and the preview image element. The image processing is done using the Canvas API of HTML5.

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